Harry Rix



Harry Rix Harry Rix later

Harry joined us in September 1970, replacing Paul Watts on drums. He was well known to us as a member of Rubber Band, a group which became Skinn.

We were lucky to get Harry, as he'd been recruited by Manfred Mann - but that move fell through.
Harry was a very gifted musician. Originally a lead guitarist, he took over the drummer spot in the Rubber Band when their drummer left. The drums were owned by the band.
He was also a song writer and we featured three of his songs - Chidren's Cry, Half Dream Reality - and Say You're Mine (written with Phil Dimitri) with Harry on lead vocals as well as drums.

When we split up in 1971 Harry went on to play in other groups - Trilogy, Tony McPhee's Terraplane, and the Steve Gibbons Band, as well as becoming a respected session musician and producer.

Harry went off to Burma to pursure his faith in Buddhism, then returned via many Euopean countries including Portugal.
Sadly, Harry died in France of lung cancer in 2004.

We'll try and fill in some of the gaps in all this when possible.