Colin Clegg


Colin CleggColin was one of the six founder members of the band, having sung with Circuit 5 and continuing with us until the end of February 1967.

Originally a bass guitarist, Colin sang for us and was very successful in mastering the James Brown and other soul numbers we performed at the time.

When Ronnie left the group, Colin teamed up with him and performed professionally in several soul bands, including Feel For Soul.

He then became a school teacher, learned the piano, performed in Cèilidh bands (playing bass and "calling") and eventually taught piano.

Colin performed with us (on keyboards) at the Reunion Party Gig on 24th January 2015 at The Talk and was a very important part of our sound. His musical knowledge was invaluable as the rest of us hadn't played for between 10 and 44 years.

His keyboard playing was a major feature of our 2016/7 recordings of Stepping Back In Time and Eight Miles High