We've had a few reunions since we split up in March 1971




Gibraltar Gardens Reunion  

Sometime in the 1980s we had a reunion at the Gibraltar Gardens in Norwich

Left to right -
Trefor Thomas, John E Averill, John Marshall, Neil Applegate, Phil Wade, Ronnie Dearing, Colin Clegg

Can anyone remember when it was?


The Golden Years, UEA, 1990s?


Trefor Funeral 2012  

After attending Trefor Thomas' funeral on 21 July 2012

Left to Right -
Phil Wade, Ronnie Dearing, Colin Clegg, John E Averill (climbing...) John Marshall

Oct 2013 Reunion  

13 October 2013, Ketts Tavern, Norwich

Left to Right - Back Row -
Neil Applegate, John Watts, Phil Dimitri, Paul Watts, John Marshall

Left to Right - Front Row -
Colin Clegg, Ronnie Dearing, Phil Wade, John E Averill

It's hard to believe that John Marshall died just five weeks later.