John Marshall


John was our original drummer from the early days of Circuit 5, right through to Eyes of Blond. A very good musician and, as we found out quite quickly, a fine singer.

After leaving the band in March 1968 he met up again with Trefor (Tommy) Thomas and they formed Twice as Nice. This duo was very successful and continued right up to Trefor's death in 2012.

A major influence on our sound and style, John was an inspiration to Phil Wade and later Phil Dimitri. His no nonsense approach to the business had a lasting effect on our attitudes and enabled him to become a very important agent later, in the form of Action Entertainments.

John R Marshall

John was present at all reunions the band held and after Trefor's death was the organiser of our big reunion in 2013.
We were all shocked and saddened when John died just five weeks after the reunion - on 20 November 2013.