What Recordings?

Just after Christmas 2013 some reel-to-reel tapes, stored in a box for over 40 years, were found to contain a number of recordings of Eyes of Blond.

If you're interested in the history of the tapes, how they were recorded and how they came to re-surface - click here.

Eyes of Blond members have been interviewed on Radio Norfolk in March 2005 and April 2007, and an hour-long documentary was broadcast on January 1st 2015. You can hear them all here.

Land of Green Ginger – written by Dimitri. Lead vocal Phil, harmony Neil. Dimitri plays bouzouki and guitar. “You can almost smell the incense...”

Dream of the Whispering Wizard –Instrumental written by Dimitri featuring his astonishing lead guitar.

Who Knows Where We Come From? – written by Dimitri. Lead vocal Phil, harmony Neil. Dimitri plays bouzouki, Phil plays a little solo.

Blow Your Cool Elijah – written by Dimitri. Lead Vocal Neil, harmony/unison Phil and Dimitri. Again featuring Dimitri's guitar.

I'd Like To Know – written by Dimitri. Lead vocal Dimitri. Harmony & middle 8 - Phil. Phil on 12 string guitar. An unashamed pop song, with a riff, and middle 8.

Felix Fox – written by Dimitri. Lead vocal Dimitri. Middle 8 – Phil. In much the same vein as “I'd like to know” above.

A Thousand Years of Sand – written by Dimitri. Lead vocal Neil, harmony Phil and Dimitri. Originally recorded in a makeshift studio at the Melody Rooms, Oak Street, this is a low-fi copy of the original tape – engineered by Granville Hornsby (Stuart Graham).

I'm Gonna Make Her Mine – written by David Farrow who handles lead vocals. Harmony by Phil.

Love is Forever – written by David Farrow, lead vocals, with Phil on chorus vocals. This whole number is a mickey take with a Hendrix style intro, going to reggae... :)

Rock'n'Roll Woman - Buffalo Springfield. Sung by Neil, harmony Phil and Dimitri.

Hot Smoke and Sassafras – originally by Bubble Puppy (really). Neil on vocals. Outstanding inventive guitar from Dimitri. “I think I just had a flashback...”

Stones Medley – as the title suggests... This was far more popular with audiences than expected. Road Manager Wizz insisted we do this - he was right. Neil, Phil and Dimitri take turns on the vocals.

Going Back – originally by Dusty Springfield, our take is based on the Byrds who did a version too. One of Phil Wade's favourite numbers to sing. Great country sounding guitar from Dimitri.

So You Want To Be a Rock'n'Roll Star – again from the Byrds. Phil on lead vocals, Neil and Dimitri on harmony.

It Keeps Rainin' – by Fats Domino originally. This song was the only one played by all incarnations of all three groups (Vitones, Circuit 5, Eyes of Blond). This was how it ended up, as a fun reggae number. Phil on lead vocals, with Neil and Dimitri adding their unique vocal contributions.

The Days of Pearly Spencer, Blueberry Blue and Why? - will need quite a bit of work before they see the light of day again.


A tape of a LIVE performance has been discovered. Featuring the late Harry Rix on drums, it is the only known live tape.

Besides live versions of Dream of the Whispering Wizard, Hot Smoke and Sassafras (Neil), Rock’n’Roll Woman (Neil) and Blow Your Cool Elijah (with Dimitri on vocals) four unique recordings have surfaced:

Say You’re Mine – written and sung by Harry Rix, it’s a real power belter.

Fresh Garbage – our version of a Spirit number, with Phil on vocals.

Half Dream Reality – written by Harry, sung by Phil.

Rock Around the Clock – really.