Radio Norfolk


Radio Norfolk have been very kind to us over the years, and we give below three examples of this.

The 2005 interview was carried out over the phone, and featured David Clayton in conversation with Phil Wade, roadie Wizz, and the late John Marshall.

In 2007 we were interviewed whilst having a get-together at The Walnut Tree Shades in Norwich. Those interviewed were Phil Wade, John Averill, Colin Clegg and John Watts along with Ronnie Dearing, John Marshall and Trefor Thomas. Those last three have all subsequently died.

We were privileged to be able to tell our story in the form of four interviews conducted in late 2014, skillfully put together into a documentary by Paul Hayes and broadcast on New Year's Day 2015. Neil Applegate, Paul Watts, Phil Dimitri and Phil Wade took part. There's also a cameo appearance by David Clayton as he introduced us at Eastbourne.


Telephone Interview 20 March 2005

Walnut Tree Shades get-together 10 April 2007

Documentary "Younger Mens' Eyes" broadcast 1 January 2015
This is split into four, quarter-hour sections
Part One -

Part Two -

Part Three -

Part Four -